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What is Drzzle?

Drzzle is a very intuitive, no code, drag and drop website builder. It's flexible, serverless and requires zero technical knowledge. There's no need to worry about setting up complex hosting, DNS or SSL certificates because Drzzle handles all of the hassle for you.

No coding is necessary. It's as simple as adding droplets, hitting publish and you're live on the web!

Fancy Features

Drag and Drop

We aim to make our user experience as intuitive as possible. You can build your entire web presence one droplet at a time.


Every website will benefit from our static hosting from AWS(S3). This means that since there is no backend, sites load much faster!

Multiple Sites

With Drzzle, you can add an unlimited amount of websites and manage them all in one control panel!


Build smarter with our templating feature. This way you can reuse droplets and only manage them in one place.


Droplets are web components that make up your webpage. We have plenty to choose from and are always developing new ones!


Each hosted site you build comes with a free SSL certificate! These certs can and will cover all the domains you need.

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